FLAGSTAR STRAND THEATRE will be Tributesville’s newest and most elegant “HOME”.  Our concert series will run over seven Saturdays between January 22, 2022 to March 16.

The Tributesville Concert Series at Flagstar Strand is a fully produced live concert experience featuring some of S.E. Michigan’s very best tribute artists.  Each show is designed with classic rock spectators in mind, and provides each artist an opportunity to get involved designing their own stage lighting.  If not, our designers will. We hope to collaborate band leaders interested in creating light and sfx schemes, song black outs, incorporating sound effects, video projection for graphic loops or still image backdrops.  Countless looks, color combinations, and textures.

NO PYRO ALLOWED IN TOWN….except for 1 fire-breathing “Gene Simons”.

The Flagstar Strand Theatre has a seating capacity of 880 plush permanent and “Like New” vintage theater-style seats throughout the main floor and its two upper mezzanine levels.  The stage proscenium is 26.5’W x 24’H.  Apron front to back wall: 24’ Total useable stage width 43’.  Or in other words, more than enough room for a professional concert production.

Artists Have Up To Five Dressing Rooms, Full Bathrooms and Showers!

Tributesville features only one (1) artist each Saturday night.  Expect nearly two hours of music, early start/stop (8 to 10:30) times.  A 20-minute intermission allows guests an opportunity to look around the restored sentential building, enjoy a cocktail, and visit with your friends.  As musician rest for the their second act our production staff reset lighting programs, stage props, etc.


Tributesville is the place where Detroit’s Best Call Home, and The Flagstar Strand Theatre in Pontiac is where our passions can finally come together.

Tributesville Venue History for the record…..

  • launched on Oct. 30 & 31, 2014 at a banquet hall in Pontiac MORE ALICE (Alice Cooper Devils Night), and IN THE FLESH-Detroit (Pink Halloween).  
  • On May 6 of 2016/2017 Tributesville Presented The 7th Annual Bob Seger Birthday Bash Featuring The Motown Eagles & Lookin’ Back (SOLD OUT 320) at Bakers of Milford, MI.  Also a celebration of 40 years of Night Moves & Hotel California.  Funny coincidence, no?
  • Hop Cat – Detroit (2016)
  • Tributesville Library Concert Hall – Novi Oct. 5 to Nov. 30, 2018.

Tributesville has also produced 4 Dueling Tribute shows:

Bob Seger vs Rolling Stones (2011), and 3 Bruce Springsteen vs Bob Seger Duels (2016)(2017)(2018). 

Below are a few random photos of the concerts mentioned.

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