Current Venue

As of today, we are looking for a new venue partner interested in sharing success and our love for classic rock.

Each Tributesville concert is a fully produced and programmed concert experience uniquely designed to give every song a unique scene.

Except for our Annual Tributesville Weekend Festival, Tributesville features ONE artist each night.  NO OPENING ACTS, early start/stop times, and everyone will get a seat.

At any Tributesville concert, you will immediately come to appreciate our State-Of-The-Art sound system, programmed stage lights and LED special effects, and large video wall backdrop(s).  We use non-pyro special effects, and a stage large enough to give our players room to move.

Tributesville is the place where our collective passions come together in order to deliver the highest-quality local tribute performances – consistently – guaranteed.

For The Record: launched Oct. 30 & 31, 2014 in Pontiac with MORE ALICE (Alice Cooper Tribe) on Devils Night, followed by “A Pink Halloween” with IN THE FLESH (Pink Floyd Tribe).  On May 6 of 2016/2017 Tributesville Presented The 7th & 8th Annual Bob Seger Birthday Bash Featuring The Motown Eagles & Lookin’ Back (SOLD OUT 320) at Bakers of Milford, and Wonderland Lanes respectively.  Below are a few random photos of those concerts mentioned.

Tributesville also produced 3 Dueling Tribute shows, with the last two being Bruce Springsteen vs Bob Seger (2016) & Bob vs. Bruce REMATCH (2017). 

Tributesville Library Concert Hall in Novi ran between Oct. 5 to Nov. 30, 2018.

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