Launch Venue

The Tributesville Library – Novi Opens October 5th!

“Tributesville Library Concert Series” Will Run 9 Consecutive Fridays and Feature 9 of Tributesville’s BEST!

“Tributesville Library Concert Series”  BEGINS Oct. 5 UNTIL Nov. 30.

Each concert experience is fully produced and uniquely designed and pre-programmed well before each headliner. Tributesville features a single tribute artist each night with NO opening acts – generally.

Inside the “Tributesville Library Xoncert Hall” we use State-Of-The-Art LED lights, video projection, and special effects (no pyro), as we’ve all come to expect at concerts at 4X the price.  The Tributesville Library Concert Hall features a 15 x 20 foot stage allowing our smaller acts to move, and our larger acts to BREATH.

This business plan was designed BY AND FOR MUSICIANS to help them realize a premium work environment and much better paydays…..with your support.

Giving musicians EXACTLY what they need to reproduce your favorite classic rock tunes, and you get consistantly high-quality performances and happy return on your investment.

Room for 300 (sellout) and everyone gets a seat, a dance floor, and plenty room to move in our bi-level facility.  Concert hall theater seating near the stage below, and within view of the stage in our “Tributesville Martini Lounge” situated slightly above the stage where you will never miss a song.


For The Record: launched Oct. 30 & 31 in Pontiac with MORE ALICE (Alice Cooper Tribe) on Devils Night, followed by “A Pink Halloween” w/IN THE FLESH (Pink Floyd Tribe). On May 6 of 2016 Tributesville Presented The 7th & 8th Annual Bob Seger Birthday Bash Featuring The Motown Eagles & Lookin’ Back (SOLD OUT 320) at Bakers of Milford, and Wonderland Lanes respectively.  Below are a few random photos of those concerts.   Tributesville also produced 3 Dueling Tribute shows, with the last two being Bruce Springsteen vs Bob Seger  (2016) & The REMATCH (2017).



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