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Expectations At Tributesville: “Top Drawer” DETROIT-BASED musicians & polished acts; No Opening Bands; Early Start-Stop Times (8-10:30 PM); 2+ hours of music; Everyone gets a seat & clear stage view; Free Parking; and GOOD MEMORIES!

What Makes THIS “Tributesville HOME” Different?  Our comfortable and professionally equipped facility was created to cater to musicians needs FIRST in order to best deliver a rewarding live music experience for both musician and ultimately YOU/FANS.  Our expensive stage production assures musicians have ideal working conditions, and our unique pre-programmed lighting and special effects provide guests with a FRESH concert atmosphere the whole family can enjoy.

Stay Tuned……Stay Supportive……..AND Share OUR Events On Facebook as you see them!

Here are some random photos from our first stand alone block-buster shows taken Oct. 30 & 31 “AN ALICE COOPER Devils Night” & “A PINK FLOYD HALLOWEEN” respectively; May 6th MOTOWN EAGLES Debut with LOOKIN’ BACK at their 7th Annual BOB SEGER BIRTHDAY BASH, and a few from Tributesville’s SOLD OUT DUELING TRIBUTES that happened on November 12, 2016 among others.


G. Todd Stoney

Acting Mayor of Tributesville

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Mayor – Todd Stoney (Rep. Lookin’ Back)  Hot Line: 248.755.6814

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